A scenario is playing out across the street from us in our neighborhood that I thought I'd share. This beautiful Mediterranean was home to a wonderful couple and their children. The children live out of state, and recently the patriarch of the house died, one year after his wife's death.

The children had hoped to keep the house in the family, but decided to sell when they found out how much taxes would be each year.

They listed it and sold it above asking price within a day of being on the market. It came with the house and an extra lot. All of the neighborhood was curious: Would it be torn down? No one knew.

Within the first week of the closing, it was back on the market with an asking price of $774,900 on the house only. 

Will it be torn down? Will someone buy it for cash and refurbish it? Will another home be built on the lot?

We'd hate to see this beauty disappear. It adds such character to the neighborhood. We'll keep you posted.